Terms & Conditions Of Stay


  • Newcastle Executive Homes is a brand name operated by Newcastle Accommodation Management.
  • It is acknowledged that Newcastle Accommodation Management act as an intermediate agent between the property owner and guests. In some instances the accommodation will not be provided directly by Newcastle Accommodation Management who instead may act as agent of another accommodation provider.
  • Reservation and payment processing services are provided by Resplus Accommodation Services, 266 Lawson Street, Hamilton South, NSW, 2303, Australia.


  • We expect that you have viewed the property you are booking on our website & have read these Terms & Conditions Of Stay.
  • Upon acceptance of a booking, the guests will be deemed to have accepted all Terms & Conditions Of Stay.


  • The total cost of accommodation depends on a number of factors, including the property and room type, inclusions, time of year, special events, number of night & number of guests. Any changes to these factors could result in an increase in costs.
  • Infants in their own cots are free; a baby cot with linen & a high chair are available for an additional charge.
  • We require confirmation of guest numbers, including children & infants, at the time of booking.
  • Tariffs for all confirmed bookings are honoured at the rate booked.


  • Most properties are subject to a minimum stay of 2 nights, but some may have longer minimum stay requirements applied.
  • Single night stays may be available for some properties, depending on the time of year and last minute deals.
  • Some holiday periods are subject to a longer minimum stay requirements, specifically long weekends generally require a minimum of 3 nights & School Holidays, Christmas and New Year periods may require a minimum of 5 or 7 night stays.


  • The provision of additional guest keys may require a $50 deposit, refundable on return.
  • The loss of any keys or electronic fobs provided to you will result in a charge of $50.


  • Every effort is made to keep a booking in the property and room type of choice. However, sometimes a transfer to another property or room tye is necessary; we will always consult you where possible.


  • Bookings made via third party web sites and agent are subject to deposit, cancellation and refund conditions as provided when booking.
  • When a direct booking is made on a Non Refundable rate, the total of the accommodation charge is required to confirm your booking.
  • Cancellation or changes are not permitted on Non Refundable bookings. In the case of cancellation or no show, the total cost of the accommodation will be retained.
  • Longer term bookings may have special deposit, cancellation and refund conditions applied as specified in email communications.
  • For all other direct bookings;
    • A booking deposit equal to the first night accommodation charge is required to confirm your booking.
    • The remainder of the accommodation charges are payable on or before arrival.
    • Bookings modified or canceled free of charge until 60 days before arrival. The booking deposit is not refundable for bookings canceled within 60 days of arrival.
  • Refunds will not be given should you change your mind on arrival.


  • The maximum number of guests permitted in each room is based on the number of beds in that room.
  • Additional guests are not permitted to sleep in makeshift bedding or on lounge suites.
  • Bed linen & bath towels are provided. House towels are not to be used at any pool or beach. Beach towels may be available for an additional charge.
  • Smoking inside or illegal drug taking in any of our houses or apartments will not be tolerated. Immediate eviction may follow a complaint.
  • Parties (defined as 'noisy gatherings') are not permitted in any of our accommodation properties day or night. Any disturbance of neighbours by excessive noise, drunkenness, or any other anti-social or inconsiderate behaviour, is strictly prohibited. A police call and immediate eviction can result.


  • On departure, guests must leave the accommodation in good condition. Additional cleaning charges may be charged at a minimum rates of $50 per hour and debited to the guest’s credit card.
  • Guests must immediately notify Newcastle Accommodation Management of any damage or breakage caused during their stay. Guests must compensate the property owner for any damage or breakage caused during their stay. Where necessary, Newcastle Accommodation Management may charge to the guest’s provided credit card the costs associated with rectifying such damage and breakage, including replacement costs, plus 20%.
  • Guests must not remove any items or chattels from the accommodation. Where necessary, Newcastle Accommodation Management may charge to the guest’s provided credit card the cost associated with replacing any items or chattels removed from the accommodation plus 20%.
  • Newcastle Accommodation Management does not accept any liability for loss, damage or injury caused to the guest or the guest’s property during the stay unless such damage or loss is direct result of negligence on the part of Newcastle Accommodation Management.

Special Terms & Conditions

The following additional Special Terms & Conditions apply to any bookings made for a period where there is a Special Event in Newcastle, as listed in the first point of these Special Terms & Conditions.

  • SPECIAL EVENT PERIODS: These Special Terms & Conditions apply to any bookings made for the following periods;
    • Newcastle Supercars 2017 - between Thursday 23rd November 2017 and Sunday 26th November 2017 inclusive.
    • Newcastle Supercars 2018 - between Thursday 22nd November 2018 and Sunday 25th November 2018 inclusive.
    • Newcastle Supercars 2019 - between Thursday 2st November 2019 and Sunday 24th November 2019 inclusive.
    • Newcastle Supercars 2020 - CANCELLED.
    • Newcastle Supercars 2021 - dates to be advised.
  • These Special Terms & Conditions are in addition to but take precedence over our Terms & Conditions of Stay.
  • Bookings may be subject to a minimum stay of 7 nights and must include all of the special event dates applicable for that event.
  • The total cost of accommodation is calculated based on the maximum adult occupancy of the property.
  • Occupancy limits are to be strictly enforced. No additional adults may stay at the property at any time.
  • Additional Children may be allowed but only where the number of total guests has been advised at the time of booking and where additional bedding is available at the property in the form of a small single bed, trundle or foldaway.
  • A non refundable deposit of $1,000 is required to confirm your booking.
  • The remainder of the accommodation charges are payable on or before arrival.
  • A $1,000 security bond may be required at check-in. The security bond will be refunded at checkout provided there is no loss or damage to the property during your stay.
  • Cancellation or changes are not permitted.
  • Authorities have stated that vehicle access to our properties during the Special Event Periods will be limited. We do not guarantee that you will have vehicle access to the property and recommend that you plan your trip accordingly.

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